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Welcome to DMV Sports. Come here to hate Dallas.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new site dedicated to covering DC area sports from an out of market perspective. My name is Alex Keckeisen and I’m currently a student at the University of Missouri, though originally from Alexandria, VA. I have a passion for sports, especially those from the DC area. I know a good way to convince you to bookmark this site. Check my fan status:

-As you can see from the picture above, yes I did take a picture in my Sean Taylor t-shirt on the Dallas Star in the new Jerry World. Yes, I was almost killed.


-The one time I’ve ever been optimistic about DC sports was game 7 of the Caps-Habs series this year. Never doing that again.

-Gus Frerotte was my favorite football player… until he slammed his head into the wall at FedEx field.

-I went to Raul Diaz-Arce’s comeback game after DC United cut him loose. I sat with my family in the middle of the Revolution’s fans. He scored for the Revs, and I got beer poured on me. Awesome.

-I cried man tears when I found out Sean Taylor died.

-I’ve been a Nats fans for a while (though not until their second season at RFK). Dimitri Young once came into the Sushi bar I was working at in Alexandria and I was star struck… by Dimitri Young. Yeah, kind of in awe.

-I love the new pitcher we took in the first round of last years draft. Yeah, Drew Storen is going to be awesome.

-I attended Michael Jordans last home game (his third career last homegame) and still remember the two hand block off the backboard and his sick tomahawk dunk.

-A similar thing happened in Bethesda when I saw Clinton Portis in a parking garage. I looked at him, looked around to other people to verify my eyes, then stared back at him. I couldn’t even bring myself to walking the 15 feet to talk to him.

-Oli the Goalie was my childhood hero. I remember watching games where he was a stonewall and Bonzai took the team to the Stanley Cup finals. Ron Wilson is pretty much my hero.

-I still talk about the George Michael Sports Machine. People from other cities talk about the Sports Machine in their towns. Yeah, George Michael started that.

-I never liked Gilbert Arenas. I thought there was no way they could lose with him, Jamison, and Butler though. Damn, I have really high expectations.

So basically, I’ll be handing out my criticism (positive and negative) on the major area sports as well as some of the higher ups in college sports. Chill out, I’m no elitist. I’m a student with limited time. Expect 300-500 words per post on average and good analysis on the going ons of DC sports.



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