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DMV Sports: Be sure to tweet us.

If you didn’t know already, DMV Sports is on twitter, though not under that name. I use my personal account @RedZou for all things DMV Sports and I encourage you to mosey on over and give me a follow. I talk mostly about DC Sports with some random thoughts here and there. This is a warning though: I do tweet a lot. Follow at your own peril.

I’ve also set up a number of twitter lists to meet your DC sports fix. Whether you want to hear what athletes are doing or what some of the best writers in sports think about the latest Redskins trade, these are the lists to get that done.

DC Sports [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-sports]

DC Athletes and Management [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-athletes]

DC Sports Personalities [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-sports-personalities]

DC Sports Fans [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-sports-fans]

General DC Sports Teams [http://twitter.com/RedZou/general-dc-sports-teams]

So make sure to follow these lists and tweet me if you think I’ve left anyone off.


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