Blogs We Like: Mr. Irrelevant.

Would it be out of line to call the Brothers Mottram own Mr. Irrelevant the crown jewel of DC Sports blogs? That would be a superlative so maybe not, but I’m sure many would agree that Jamie and Chris set a standard for covering so many teams from the District Maryland and Virginia (oh, hey DMV).

It’s the quirks, tough questions and voice of the fans Mr. Irrelevant is so good at highlighting in area sports. The 10,000 comments and four million page views shows the sometimes infrequent but extremely quality blog is able to catch the attention of its readers in such a hotly contested blog market.

The fact that the Brothers Mottram blog professionally (Jamie is Managing Editor for Blogs at Yahoo!; Chris Senior Editor at SB Nation) is another reason Mr. Irrelevant is a Blog We Like. Yahoo! and SB Nation are two powerhouses in sports blogging and when you do that for a living, you tend to become good at it. The amount of information they comb through obviously influence the work they do for Mr. Irrelevant.

The Brothers Mottram vs Brothers Cooley throw-off competition was what really got our attention. The premise for the contest was that the Brothers Mottram could throw the ball further that the Brothers Cooley with both throws combined. The video is in two parts because the Cooleys are in DC Ashburn, while the Mottrams filmed their half on a practice field in North Carolina. Chalk the win up for the Brothers Mottram and bloggers everywhere.

The DMV is one of the most thorough link posts in the sports blogosphere. It’s not just a post of random left-over links, rather, it’s the best links on the web that either relate to other posts, bring up important questions in the DC sports world, as well as quality work the Brothers Mottram were not able to write an entire post about.

The Brothers Mottram have a level of access and respect from colleagues many bloggers do not, which has grown from creating such a great product. That’s why DMV Sports is putting the official stamp of our first “Blog We Like” on Mr. Irrelevant.



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