Redskins want to know: ‘R you in?’

There have been some big changes in Ashburn and what better way to present those changes than a brand new… marketing campaign.

The title of the campaign is a bit contrived, but the overall product is one that may actually get you excited for the upcoming season. From the likes of Chris Cooley, London Fletcher, Santana Moss, Brian Orakpo and Donovan McNabb asking “[A]R[E] you in” to the “We want Dallas” chants at the end of the commercial, the Redskins are poised to sell more tickets than ever! Woo!

What stands out to me are the colors. It feels like a burnt burgundy and gives off more flavor when there’s movement. It’s quality camera work and well-edited. Yeah, that’s a good campaign.

It’s quite easy for fans that have suffered through tough times to feel as if the team is just using new additions like Shanahan and McNabb to sell more tickets, but this is nothing new. It’s public relations. It’s selling tickets. The Redskins are still a business and they really used the refurbished franchise well in selling it.

Here is the second video which reminds me of The Matrix. Enjoy.


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