Leonsis: “I’m gonna re-do everything.”

The fan experience at Verizon Center will drastically change under Leonsis.

Since Ted Leonsis took over as owner of the Wizards and the Verizon Center, DC sports fans have been clamoring for change. Known as a man of the fans, Leonsis has already spoken up about change not only on the court, but also within the Verizon Center as well.

It’s obvious that Leonsis wants to put championship banners in the rafters of the Phone Booth, after making the decision to take down the Mystics attendance banners, but he also wants changes to the way DC sports fans take in the game in the Chinatown arena.

The king of transcribing radio shows, Dan Steinberg is the provider of all quotes within this post.

Leonsis promised hundreds of changes saying, “I’m gonna re-do everything.”

That includes the overall experience of how fans will take in Wizards games. That means turning down the music and chant starters. Thank you.

Another idea brought to the table is dimming the lights not on the court to make the atmosphere more like the legendary Madison Square Garden. I have not witnessed a game in person at MSG, but from others who have, it makes the court feel more like a stage with the spectators more like audience members at a play.

One of our personal favorites is the cup-holders proposed at urinals in the mens bathrooms. Apparently many fans have complained about the lack of a place to put their beers (not sodas apparently) while taking a break from the action on the court. Clearly, Leonsis has his priorities straight. No, seriously, that wasn’t sarcastic at all. It sounds like a fantastic idea.

“So they go to the bathroom and they put their beer [cups] in their mouth,” he said. “Isn’t that great? See that image in your mind’s eye. We’ve literally been putting little ledges over the urinals so that people can put their cups, right? We know that sounds [funny], the ketchup sounds funny, building a little cup holder over the urinals, but we’re gonna do hundreds of those kind of things, so the experience is great and it improves and fans know we listen to them.”

Is this change we can believe in, or another dirty Washington scam?


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