Exciting times at Camden Yards.

As you can see from the banner up top, the Orioles aren’t a team I cover in-depth, but when something truly special comes along to profile, I jump at the chance.

Point in case: this O’s fan running all over the field at last nights game. The Orioles have been awful this season, winning just 30 games and are already 30.5 games back of the division lead. So when something like this happens, if course I’m going to blog about it.

Usually with videos of fans running on the field, the end is met by a close-line from a police officer, but it turns out Baltimore cops could care less. The fan runs out from left field, expecting for police to greet him with a friendly stiff-arm. Does he get one? No, so he just sort of jogs and walks around, attempts to run the bases and doubles back multiple times.

The name of the Youtube video explains the situation well: “What Passes for Excitement at an Orioles Game.”

Though it won’t be happening anytime this season, we do hope the O’s regain their form. BRING BACK CAL!



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2 responses to “Exciting times at Camden Yards.

  1. arebrown

    Those cops are lame. They could have at least shot him with a taser, or something!

  2. I actually thought one of them was going to. He reached for his belt, but didn’t pull it out. That made me a sad panda.

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