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Nationals rotation returns from injuries. Seriously, like 60 percent of them.

Jordan Zimmermann continues to impress. (picture via

I promise not to make every Nationals post about the Stephen Strasburg.

I promise not to make every Nationals post about the Stephen Strasburg.

I promise not to make every Nationals post about the Stephen Strasburg.

OKAY! This one isn’t all about him. It’s about 60 percent of the Nationals rotation including Strasburg, but also Jason Marquis and Jordan Zimmermann. Exciting stuff if you ask me. Let’s get started with the Golden Boy.

Stephen Strasburg (Starting Tuesday home vs the Marlins)

The protected ace threw a successful simulated game at Chase Field in Arizona, paving the way for his first start since being placed on the disabled list July 29. The Nationals simulated 40 pitches in the Arizona heat on their road trip, in which they took two of four games.

Justin Maxwell, Willie Harris were the batters during the two-inning “game.” The two were green-lit to swing at every pitch, per Adam Gilgore’s video. How successful the hits were was hard to determine, though Harris did strike a ball and throw his arms up in celebration of the hit.

Jordan Zimmermann (First start with AAA Syracuse)

TWO-“N’s” has pitched well recovering from his Tommy John surgery, albeit one tough start. In his first start at AAA Syracuse, the other one the kids call ZIMM was hitless and allowed just one walk. He faced the minimum batters in three innings because the walk was erased by a double play. SEE, EVEN HIS D STICKS UP FOR HIM!

His workload will increase to his four in his next start and five in the start after that. Gilgore reports he should be back in the Nationals big league rotation in early September, though I’m holding out for seeing him get a start in the last few days of August. Definitely a player to look forward to.

Jason Marquis (Starting Sunday at Los Angeles Dodgers)

After the Start That Will Not Be Named Jason Marquis couldn’t find a way off the disabled list. Now, he’s back and taking Scott Olsen’s(also recently enabled!) start.

Marquis will make $250,000 in his next two starts and $15 million over two years.

From the sounds of it, Marquis will be earning his spot back in the rotation, though he will be given an adequate in-game tryout to remain.


Strasburg is obviously great to get back on the mound to be the only proven pitches beside Livan Hernandez. Zimmermann looks ot be a great number two next season, but the addition will also do good in the final stretch of the season.

Marquis will be back next season and hopefully capable of not being on the disabled list next year. Chien Ming-Wang? Who knows. Will he ever play in a Nationals Uniform? I couldn’t tell you and neither could anyone in the Nationals organization.


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