Byron Westbrook is still a Redskin despite Shefter report.

The Redskins cut four players yesterday to get down to the 75 player preliminary limit. According to a report by ESPN’s Adam Shefter, the Redskins made another cut this morning, cornerback Byron Westbrook. This came as a surprise considering the team does not need to make any more cuts until Saturday when they need to get down to 53. The Washington Post reported it, as well as other media outlets.

[The original Schefter report has been removed from the ESPN website.]

It also came as a surprise to Westbrook who had no knowledge of being cut. The PR staff was quiet as well. So what happened? Honestly, who knows? Was Schefter pulling a Mike Wise and trying to prove a point, or was he just plain wrong? Clearly the latter.

This raises the Wise question about taking a report at full value and reporting it such as the Washington Post did. Just days after Mike Wise tried to make a point about reporting in the social media era and being reprimanded with a month long suspension, The Post got on the “me too” bandwagon, posting the Schefter report in their own words. Very questionable “reporting” after a controversial situation involving their own columnist.

[It also looks like Shefter was wrong again on a possible trade between the Cardinals and Bills for quarterback Matt Leinert. Schefter has fired back defending his sources and I’ll take his word for it.]

While it does look as if Westbrook will not make the team despite questions at the cornerback position, a cut will most likely not be made until Saturday. Westbrook will play tomorrow at Arizona.



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2 responses to “Byron Westbrook is still a Redskin despite Shefter report.

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  2. Arebrown

    Bad/lazy journalism by Scheffter and the Washington Post. Really embarrassing for them both.

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