“When you lose you lose,” but what can we take away from week 2?

You play to win the game and to do that, you have to finish.

It hurts when you blow a 20-7 halftime lead. That’s obvious, but the Redskins showed what they were capable of, good and bad. For three quarters, Donovan McNabb and the offense looked unstoppable but sputtered toward the end. The truth is, the Redskins played a great team and an offense that annihilated the Colts in week one. When one of the best quarterbacks in the league (yes, Shaub is one of the best) is able to target as good a wide receiver as Andre Johnson on 75% of the passing plays, it can be hard to stop. Yesterday, it proved nearly impossible for them.

The secondary has been questionable because of the lack of depth and loss of safety Kareem Moore, and there was no doubt that if the Texans were going to come back, they would look for that lethal Shaub-Johnson combination. They did. That happens. Let’s move on.

McNabb showed Redskins fans why the front office traded for him, accounting for 403 passing yards on the day, an astronomical number after so many awful offensive seasons under Campbell. Granted, the offense broke down in the fourth quarter, but when an offense has such a great day through the air like that, they have to win. The blame needs to be placed on the running game which still hasn’t found its legs. 18 yards is never going to cut it. At least we know what the offense is capable of in just the second week of the season. We even know what the defense is capable of and that was after the first game.

Usually after a loss like this, I would feel awful, recounting all the horrific plays that cost us the game. Yesterday, the Texans played out of their minds to fight their way back. I can pick out a few plays that cost us (the Heyer hold, Horton’s offside, the blocked and missed field goals), but those are things that happen in games. Those were not necessarily plays to dwell on.

Shaub found holes down the middle and anywhere Johnson was. Yesterday was one of those days that no matter what the Redskins defense did, they weren’t going to stop that offense.

Yes, there are problems Haslett needs to address on the defensive side of the ball but between week one and week two, the Redskins played two of the best games defensively and offensively. Now they just need to do both in a single game.

1-1 isn’t a bad place to be after two weeks, though 2-0 would be a better position. Look for the Redskins to retool the defense next Sunday at St Louis and find ways to fill holes.

Geez, I can’t believe how fine I am with a loss like that. Wow. Just wow.


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