Mike Green and Ilya Kovalchuk get fighty.

Mike Green and Ilya Kovalchuk are not enforcers and are certainly not fighters, which is why it was so weird for them to drop the gloves in the Capitals Saturday’s blowout victory. It wasn’t exactly a great fight with the two exchanging mixed connections like it was a Craigslist ad, but it was funny to see two guys who combine to make $12.5 million throw down as SB Nation DC’s Mike Prada points out. The two looked to plant fists but ended up twirling around on the ice before falling, effectively ending the fight.

The game saw four fights as the Capitals pounded the Devils into submission.

UPDATE: Found the video of all the fights.

Definitely a good watch as the video includes Jason Chimera, Mike Green, Matt Henricks and Matt Bradley all getting into it. Bradley laid down the best hit by far, dropping the Devil to the ice.

The last bit of the video is P.L. Letourneau-Leblond going after the Capitals first-round pick Marcus Johansson, clearly insigating in the last bit of the game. Doing so will get him a one-game suspension and a $10,000 fine for himself as well as the head coach. When asked whether he regretted instigating the fight, Letourneau said “No, no regrets.” Ok then.


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