“Score goals and win game.” It’s what Ovechkin does best.

Alex Ovechkin sealed the Washington Capitals second win of the season in overtime last night at home vs the Senators. With the attack forming from the back, Ovechkin took the puck on the right side of the red line and drilled a shot five-hole past the Senators goalie with just 30 seconds left before the game would have gone to a shootout.

The goal is Ovechkin’s eighth overtime goal in his career. See all of them at SB Nation DC.

Quotes from Bruce Boudreau, Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green after the jump!

Bruce Boudreau:

On Ovechkin’s ability to change the game:

“Only Alex can play like he did and score the overtime goal and be the hero. Go ask him how he played and he’ll tell you, [changes voice tone]: not so good. That’s what superstars do and that’s why yhe’s out in the last minute. He has the ability to win you a game at any chance. If he’s playing good or bad, you put him out there and he’ll get it.”

On the penalty kill being more successful than the power play:

“I was hoping the PK would do well. We went through a whole bunch of ideas all summer long and we got guys who are committed to it.

“The power play will get better. We’re out of sync a little bit, but we’ll get there.”

On the Senators and Neuvirth:

“We played up to their level. We played up a little bit and Neuvy kept us in as certain times. I thought we played better than we did in Atlanta but not as well as against New Jersey.”

Alex Ovechkin:

On the goal:

“I just try to shoot the puck because we play like a minute already, I was kind of tired so I just want to go shoot the puck and change. It was a good win.”

On what he’s supposed to do:

“Score goals and win game.”

Mike Green:

On his position throughout the game:

“I wasn’t up the ice a lot because of all the penalties so I still had a lot of energy at the end of the game.”

On working with fellow defenseman Jeff Shultz:

“Me and Shultzy have our agendas and that’s to shut down their one line. We get in their faces… and as long as we stay up on them we’ll shut them out.”


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