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They see me holdin’… Redskins-Cowboys rivalry loses no luster.

I’m sure I could write a few thousand words about last night’s game, but I’ll keep it short and in bullet form so it’s a bit easier to follow.

-First off: Wow. Wow. And wow. That was another prime example of why this rivalry is as heated as it is. It came down to the last play which actually could have gone either way if it weren’t for a dumb offensive lineman. But you won’t see me complaining about a win. A win is a win is a win. And that was a win. Did I mention that was a win.


-LaRon Landry. Despite the flexing, Landry came up huge with 17 tackles, 13 of which were solo.

-As much as I hate on DeAngelo Hall’s tackling inabilities, that strip, return and TD won the game last night. On the flipside of that play, what were the Cowboy’s doing? The play call was awful and Romo’s decision to toss it short for what would obviously be little to no gain was atrocious… in a good way. I nearly put a smiley face emoticon after that sentence.

-The defense shined as I knew they would. For some reason, the Redskins defense never gets the kind of respect they deserve. Last night, they showed the league they are capable of holding last year’s number two defense and a popular Super Bowl pick, to just seven points. Haslett was aggressive in his play calling and put a lot of pressure on the offensive line. My one qualm is with the safety and corner blitzes. They weren’t effective and resulted in Dez Bryant and Miles Austin getting open too many times.

-I’ve heard people say the Cowboys lost that game themselves, and while they did shoot themselves in the foot in so many important situations, the Redskins won that game. The Cowboys had little option but to intentionally hold the defensive pass rush, including Alex Barron on Brian Orakpo on that final play. Yes, the Cowboys had tons of penalties, but they were penalties that actively prevented Redskins players from being able to be effective.

-Donovan McNabb looked shaky in his first start in the burgundy and gold but found Santana Moss and Chris Cooley when he needed to. I have no doubt he’ll be able to pick it up this season, but tonight was pretty ugly. The offensive line was adequate against a good pass rush. The running game? Oh the running game. The BIG difference is they made no mistakes.

-Burgundy jerseys. Gold pants. Yes.

-Not enough can be said about the enthusiasm of all the Redskins fans at FedEx Field last night. They were there early, they were loud and they certainly influenced the game. A lot of people have said this rivalry has lost its luster since the glory days, but don’t tell the 90,000 people at the game last night. That was the biggest game at FedEx in years.

-Albert Haynesworth is a salty bitch. Nice facial expression ALL GAME, you dummy.

The people of Washington are excited about this team as evidenced by their 37.2 rating and 57 percent share of the DC market. That is downright astounding to have over half of all televisions in the DC area tuned into one game.

-Was there really any doubt LeBron James is a Cowboys fan. No bigger frontrunner in sports. He probably plays Madden on rookie.



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Cult of Colt: Brennan to train with McNabb, receivers in Phoenix.

Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America

Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America

Colt Brennan has been a fan favorite since he was drafted in 2008 with members of the fan-club going by the moniker “Cult of Colt.” He’s had his ups and downs since then (pre-season game, hip surgery, Grossman signing), but his following lives on. Where there’s intense Redskin talk, there’s talk of Brennan and what he can potentially do for the team.

Thanks to Jason Reid at The Washington Post, we have news.

New Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb is known for his “hell week” of intense workouts under the blazing Arizona sun. This year he’ll be taking receivers Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Santana Moss.

He’ll also be taking Brennan. The Cult of Colt continues.

McNabb and Brennan have been working together at Fischer Sports, studying the playbook and running similar drills and will now travel to Phoenix to presumably work on timing, conditioning and plays with the receivers.

Much was in question this off-season when the Redskins brought in Rex Grossman, who played under offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Houston. Brennan’s chances of working his way up the depth chart became tougher, though working with the top receivers and starting quarterback in Phoenix could give Brennan a leg up on his competition.

I’ll do my best to keep you, the great readers of DMV Sports, up on the happenings of the Cult of Colt.

And again, thanks for reading.

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Redskins want to know: ‘R you in?’

There have been some big changes in Ashburn and what better way to present those changes than a brand new… marketing campaign.

The title of the campaign is a bit contrived, but the overall product is one that may actually get you excited for the upcoming season. From the likes of Chris Cooley, London Fletcher, Santana Moss, Brian Orakpo and Donovan McNabb asking “[A]R[E] you in” to the “We want Dallas” chants at the end of the commercial, the Redskins are poised to sell more tickets than ever! Woo!

What stands out to me are the colors. It feels like a burnt burgundy and gives off more flavor when there’s movement. It’s quality camera work and well-edited. Yeah, that’s a good campaign.

It’s quite easy for fans that have suffered through tough times to feel as if the team is just using new additions like Shanahan and McNabb to sell more tickets, but this is nothing new. It’s public relations. It’s selling tickets. The Redskins are still a business and they really used the refurbished franchise well in selling it.

Here is the second video which reminds me of The Matrix. Enjoy.

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