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“Score goals and win game.” It’s what Ovechkin does best.

Alex Ovechkin sealed the Washington Capitals second win of the season in overtime last night at home vs the Senators. With the attack forming from the back, Ovechkin took the puck on the right side of the red line and drilled a shot five-hole past the Senators goalie with just 30 seconds left before the game would have gone to a shootout.

The goal is Ovechkin’s eighth overtime goal in his career. See all of them at SB Nation DC.

Quotes from Bruce Boudreau, Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green after the jump!

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Mike Green and Ilya Kovalchuk get fighty.

Mike Green and Ilya Kovalchuk are not enforcers and are certainly not fighters, which is why it was so weird for them to drop the gloves in the Capitals Saturday’s blowout victory. It wasn’t exactly a great fight with the two exchanging mixed connections like it was a Craigslist ad, but it was funny to see two guys who combine to make $12.5 million throw down as SB Nation DC’s Mike Prada points out. The two looked to plant fists but ended up twirling around on the ice before falling, effectively ending the fight.

The game saw four fights as the Capitals pounded the Devils into submission.

UPDATE: Found the video of all the fights.

Definitely a good watch as the video includes Jason Chimera, Mike Green, Matt Henricks and Matt Bradley all getting into it. Bradley laid down the best hit by far, dropping the Devil to the ice.

The last bit of the video is P.L. Letourneau-Leblond going after the Capitals first-round pick Marcus Johansson, clearly insigating in the last bit of the game. Doing so will get him a one-game suspension and a $10,000 fine for himself as well as the head coach. When asked whether he regretted instigating the fight, Letourneau said “No, no regrets.” Ok then.

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For the Caps fans: An Ovechkin top 10? An Ovechkin top 10.

In the minds of Capitals fans, there is no better player in the world than their own Alex Ovechkin. Other outside of the district often beg to differ, but with a highlight reel like Ovie’s, it’s hard to deny him the crown. Obviously the playoffs flameout puts a damper on the discussion, but if you just watch the #1 and #2 goals on this list you’ll become a believer.

He’s a man who plays with reckless abandon and loves to score goals no matter what. His creativity with the puck is astounding and something Caps fans hope to have playing at the Verizon Center for years to come.

[via Alexander Ovetjkin]

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Capitals look to Russia again in NHL Entry Draft.

Capitals bag another goofy Russian.

If it wasn’t already apparent the Washington Capitals love to draft talented and goofy Russians in the NHL Entry Draft, it is now. With the 26th overall pick, the Capitals selected Evgeny Kuznetsov, a pick General Manager George McPhee said was “unanimous” once the time came.

Kuznetsov is still under contract for Chelyabinsk of the KHL, though McPhee said he may get the chance to play as early as next year for the Capitals. McPhee had been scouting Kuznetsov since the world junior championships and considered trading up as high as 10 picks to take the Russian. Kuznetsov compares his game to that of fellow countryman Evgeni Malkin while others have compared him to the Capital’s own Alexander Semin.

The Capitals already boast three Russian first-round picks on the roster and in a few years, the 18-year-old center could be the fourth. While other teams look to amateur league ranks and prospects from Canada, McPhee has picked from a pool of Russian players other GMs shy away from.

“People are concerned about signing and drafting Russian players, but we just feel that what we’re doing in Ovechkin that he’ll play in Washington,” McPhee said. “We can do some things that other teams are afraid to do.”

The Russian influence has been undeniable for the Capitals, especially with Alex Ovechkin, Semyon Varlamoz and Semin playing great hockey in the district. The pipeline to talented young Russian players is wide open and McPhee has done a great job to facilitate their development to the top level of play in the Verizon Center.

The question is, why would any Russian prospect not want to play in the district?


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DMV Sports: Be sure to tweet us.

If you didn’t know already, DMV Sports is on twitter, though not under that name. I use my personal account @RedZou for all things DMV Sports and I encourage you to mosey on over and give me a follow. I talk mostly about DC Sports with some random thoughts here and there. This is a warning though: I do tweet a lot. Follow at your own peril.

I’ve also set up a number of twitter lists to meet your DC sports fix. Whether you want to hear what athletes are doing or what some of the best writers in sports think about the latest Redskins trade, these are the lists to get that done.

DC Sports [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-sports]

DC Athletes and Management [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-athletes]

DC Sports Personalities [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-sports-personalities]

DC Sports Fans [http://twitter.com/RedZou/dc-sports-fans]

General DC Sports Teams [http://twitter.com/RedZou/general-dc-sports-teams]

So make sure to follow these lists and tweet me if you think I’ve left anyone off.

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DMV Sports: Link time!

Drew Storen relieved Stephen Strasburg with the bases loaded vs the Indians yesterday and got out of the inning without letting any runners score. Those are two great players and it’s good to see what they’re both capable of. [Nationals Journal]

The best DC sports blog, Mr Irrelevant celebrated their 2,000 post; 1,000 followers; 10,000 coments; and 4 million page views. Congrats, guys! [Mr Irrelevant]

This animated Ovechkin video is… well, it’s just plain weird. [Japers Rink]

Charles Mann says he would do more with the team than what Albert Haynesworth is doing if he was making one million dollars, not 100 million. [DC Sports Bog]

Vinny Cerrato is going to the Hall of Fame… the Albert Lea High School Hall of Fame. [Hogs Haven]

Mike Prada of SB Nation DC writes about what the real issue is in renaming the Wizards. [SB Nation DC]

Video above: New Redskins draftee Terrance Austin has an awesome highlight reel from his time at UCLA. We’ll have more on him in our Redskins coverage. [Redskins Blog]

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Welcome to DMV Sports. Come here to hate Dallas.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new site dedicated to covering DC area sports from an out of market perspective. My name is Alex Keckeisen and I’m currently a student at the University of Missouri, though originally from Alexandria, VA. I have a passion for sports, especially those from the DC area. I know a good way to convince you to bookmark this site. Check my fan status:

-As you can see from the picture above, yes I did take a picture in my Sean Taylor t-shirt on the Dallas Star in the new Jerry World. Yes, I was almost killed.


-The one time I’ve ever been optimistic about DC sports was game 7 of the Caps-Habs series this year. Never doing that again.

-Gus Frerotte was my favorite football player… until he slammed his head into the wall at FedEx field.

-I went to Raul Diaz-Arce’s comeback game after DC United cut him loose. I sat with my family in the middle of the Revolution’s fans. He scored for the Revs, and I got beer poured on me. Awesome.

-I cried man tears when I found out Sean Taylor died.

-I’ve been a Nats fans for a while (though not until their second season at RFK). Dimitri Young once came into the Sushi bar I was working at in Alexandria and I was star struck… by Dimitri Young. Yeah, kind of in awe.

-I love the new pitcher we took in the first round of last years draft. Yeah, Drew Storen is going to be awesome.

-I attended Michael Jordans last home game (his third career last homegame) and still remember the two hand block off the backboard and his sick tomahawk dunk.

-A similar thing happened in Bethesda when I saw Clinton Portis in a parking garage. I looked at him, looked around to other people to verify my eyes, then stared back at him. I couldn’t even bring myself to walking the 15 feet to talk to him.

-Oli the Goalie was my childhood hero. I remember watching games where he was a stonewall and Bonzai took the team to the Stanley Cup finals. Ron Wilson is pretty much my hero.

-I still talk about the George Michael Sports Machine. People from other cities talk about the Sports Machine in their towns. Yeah, George Michael started that.

-I never liked Gilbert Arenas. I thought there was no way they could lose with him, Jamison, and Butler though. Damn, I have really high expectations.

So basically, I’ll be handing out my criticism (positive and negative) on the major area sports as well as some of the higher ups in college sports. Chill out, I’m no elitist. I’m a student with limited time. Expect 300-500 words per post on average and good analysis on the going ons of DC sports.


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