JaVale McGee to go beserker in dunk contest.

While the NBA dunk contest has certainly lost its luster over the past decade, it’s always fun to see who will be in it and then watch the highlights because I’m definitely not actually going to tune in.

This year, that may change. The Wizards JaVale McGee will be one of four contestants along with the Clippers Blake Griffin, the Bucks Brandon Jennings, and the Thunder’s Serge Ibaka. That lineup sounds downright appetizing. Yes, appetizing.

McGee is a rising young star on the Wizards roster and despite not making Team USA over the Summer, he is also one of the rising stars on the national scene. He is one of the better shot blockers in the league and his dunks are similarly powerful to that of dunk contest opponent Griffin. With his size and athleticism, there is no doubt McGee will be able to bring home the dunk crown to DC for the first time ever.

Also of note: Chris Webber will be McGee’s coach. That should be fun.

After the jump, some of McGee’s best dunks, and maybe a few questionable ones.

McGee comes out of nowhere for a huge putback vs the Pistons.

McGee goes above and WAY beyond on a fast break vs the Lakers.

McGee goes crazy on Kyle Korver on the alley-oop

Touch the Sky in summer league

And some of the blunders when McGee thinks he can jump from the free throw line:


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